Commitment to sustainability has always been one of La Locanda del Postino's main goals. In renovating the farmhouse that hosts La Locanda, for example, we have endeavoured to maintain the fundamental characteristics of the original structure, recovering the ancient Palmento where the townspeople used to take their grapes to make wine, and the "Bagghiu", the patio that surrounds the house. In doing so, we strove to minimise as much as possible the environmental impact that the new hotel destination could have. Thus, because of the scarcity of water resources on the islands, we created a rainwater recovery system in a cistern which is used for irrigation and, in the event of a lack of supply from the municipal network, uses the water collected for human purposes.

In the choice of materials, we preferred natural products such as wood, handmade earthenware baked in a wood-burning oven, and pumice stone brecciolino from the Lipari mines.

But it is not only the design aspect that makes our structure environmentally sustainable. Around the Locanda, native crops have been planted and ancient trees have been preserved so that even a walk in the garden is a discovery. We also use our lemons, plums, chillies, basil and all the other aromatic plants in the kitchen and for breakfast. We prefer local products and therefore actively collaborate with farmers and fishermen on the island. This allows us to follow the seasonality of our gastronomic offer. Furthermore, aware of the environmental impact of the tourism sector, we have installed a water dispenser where our customers can fill their bottles free of charge to limit plastic consumption.

Finally, from 2019 we have started a collaboration with ZeroCO2 to plant trees with a high social impact in developing countries. In each room, you will find a code to redeem your tree and follow its growth online. We are also engaged alongside Biostays to protect the rainforest and the biodiversity that inhabits it.

It is for this reason that we have always been recognised as an environmentally friendly hotel and have been awarded the European Ecolabel.



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