Every house in the Aeolian Islands has its garden. This is how they like to live, surrounded by the scents of medicinal and aromatic herbs, the bright colours of seasonal fruits, the coolness of the evergreen trees. We like to offer the same lifestyle and the same olfactory sensations to our guests, who are invited to massage their wrists and necks with a sprig of citronella, which is very fragrant and an excellent antidote to insect bites. Or to taste the restaurant's dishes enriched by the aromas in the garden: mint, rosemary, sage, capers, bay leaves, thyme, oregano, basil, etc.Then there is lavender, which is very fragrant and flourishes in the summer months and can be used as a natural room scenting agent. Lemon trees, to be picked and eaten on the patio of the rooms. Trees whose fruits become homemade jam to be enjoyed at breakfast on a crumbly slice of toast. We love to show the growth cycle of the caper directly on the plant and are happy to tell you about all the stages in the preparation of capers and cucunci.

The garden is also home to a multitude of flowers and succulents that give an insight into the richness of Salina's flora.

The island of Salina, in its microcosm, is home to more than 30% of Mediterranean tree species, many of which you will find walking along the paths of the structure, near the relax areas where you can stop with a good book, immersed in the green of the small grove of palm trees over ten metres tall.

All the aromatic and medicinal plants and fruit trees that surround the Locanda are always the protagonists of the dishes served in the restaurant and at breakfast.


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