Hotel La Locanda del Postino is a small, family-run hotel located on the island of Salina, in the archipelago of the Aeolian Islands. The house is the faithful conservative restoration of an ancient Aeolian farmhouse, the largest in the village of Pollara. The restoration process was aimed at maintaining the original structure by enhancing the architectural and stylistic features.

The history of the house can be felt in every room, from the ancient Palmento to the living room area that houses a bookcase for book sharing where you can find books of various kinds in Italian and foreign languages. There is also a large collection of antique liqueur bottles. All the artefacts found during the restoration work are displayed on a shelf at the entrance to the Palmento and provide a glimpse into the ancient lifestyle of the local people, who were mainly engaged in agriculture and fishing.

The familiar but discreet atmosphere that you can breathe will allow you to feel at home, immersed in the silence and quiet that characterise life in the small village of Pollara.

From every corner, you can enjoy the view of one of the most extraordinary sunsets in the world, with the silhouettes of Alicudi and Filicudi in the background and the majestic sea stack, the only part of the west side of the crater still above the water. Soft colours, dry-stone walls built according to the wise Aeolian technique, rays of light bursting from above, all contribute to increasing the charm of timeless places full of memories, such as the Hotel La Locanda del Postino, for those who stay there, leaving an indelible mark in their hearts.

We love to tell the story of the house and the village to our customers and show all the antiques we found in the restoration. You will be welcomed by the warmth of the Locanda's staff, who have always been dedicated to hospitality, and who will know how to satisfy your every need, make your stay unforgettable and every departure the promise of a future return.


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